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iTube 4.0.1

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Hello reader, Welcome to genuine download portal of iTube app for android. Here you can download 100% verified iTube APK for android smartphone. Before moving further at download link of iTube apk, let me clarify some unique features of iTube app. Here I am going to cover each and every information about iTube so this is my kind request to you, please keep patience or you can also scroll down to your requirement. Third-party app market is now trending nowadays and vShare App market is most trending in 2017. iTube is also available on vShare Apk store so I recommend you to first vShare Download then search for iTube Apk in search bar of vShare App store. Once you found then click on download button and install it in normal way. iTube is a very popular, multi features and easy to use free video streaming and downloading app for android smartphone. This extremely useful app is developed by 24/7 Apps Ltd. Basically iTube is latest version of PlayTube app. Now you might thinking about PlayTube app then for sake of information this is my duty to inform you that, iTube is just an upgraded version of PlayTube with extra loaded features.

iTube APK Free:

iTube App was initially known with Playtube app which was released with some basic features but with the growing demand, the developers renamed and re-released the App as iTube. It also enables you to search and download legally from general search engines and the video load times are also faster with minimum buffering. You can find many similar app that has ability to store music on your smartphone and play them while you are busy in some other work but iTube app has added feature that lets you with streaming content as well. Even iTube app can allow you to browse any song from internet and add them in your playlist to listen it later on. There was millions of hits on Google play which tells its popularity and features. There was hell lot of positive reviews about iTube app as well. So I think iTube apk is perfect choice for you. The iTube For Android works on any phone like a Samsung, Sony, HTC, Lava and every phone working on the Android OS. Due to some policy issues this App got removed from the Google Play Store, so iTube cannot be installed directly from the Google Play Store and an iTube.apk file needs to be downloaded and installed to get this App on your android device.

Download iTube Apk | PlayTube latest version apk

As in the previous paragraph, I have mentioned that iTube app has been removed from Google play store due to some policy issue but no problem, you can download iTube apk file from the link give below and enjoy buffer free live streaming of videos and songs. What you need to do is, just simply download iTube apk file in your local storage and install it on your android smartphone with few simple steps. You might thinking about whether iTube app is safe to use them my answer is yes! Because I have already tested iTube apk file on my device and it works smoothly. There is no security issues at all, it was just remove from play store because of some internal issue of 24/7 Apps Ltd. I personally checked iTube apk in many antivirus apps and no threat were found. So you can safely download iTube apk form secured link give below and stream unlimited videos and songs without buffering. iTube also allow you to download YouTube videos in high quality at faster speed than other YouTube downloaders.

How to Download iTube Apk & Install it on Android

As I already mentioned that, iTube is not available on Play store hence you cannot directly download iTube on android and install on your smartphone. Here you need to follow these simple steps to download and install iTube apk on your device. Step -1: First of all make sure that you have allowed unknown resources option in your android smartphone. If you are not aware about it then follow these path on your device. Go to Menu > Setting > Security Setting > Unknown resources and check whether the option has tick sign or not. If it doesn’t have tick mark them click on that and close it. Step –2: Once you are done with this step, download iTube apk file from above link and transfer it your smartphone local storage. Step -3: Now you have downloaded file of iTube apk, now click on iTube apk file and follow the instructions. It will ask for some permission, just allow them and click on install button in your android smartphone. Step -4: Now go to menu and look for iTube icon in your apps list, click on iTube icon and enjoy free streaming videos and songs on your smartphone.

iTube Music Free Downloader Features

Initially iTube app was developed for Android platform only but due high demand and popularity, developers has launched iTube for iOS and other platform as well. Nowadays there are billions of users of iTube app. Here in this paragraph I am going to list out some outstanding features of iTube app that you never find in any other apps.
#1: Playlist Manager
Although smartphones are made to resemble your laptop and PC in their functionality, these advanced device still came with difficult to manage playlist in their on board music player. iTube app lets you get past this with some very easy to manage playlist controls which can build and modify playlist for songs and videos with just a few clicks.
#2: Background Functioning
Taking forward the earlier point that smartphones are built to resemble your PC and laptop it is of great importance that it has processes running in the background while the user pays attention to one or many tasks. It’s quite a basic requirement of having being able to play your favorite music and then do your regular smartphone activities (checking mail, Whatsapp, Facebook or candy crush etc.) but smart phones don’t allow this with music playing in the background quite a strange drawback you may think. But, its solution is just one iTube App download away where you can get hear your music and do your work at the same time.
#3: Search Function
This is one of the most powerful features of iTube app. Since YouTube is the largest video streaming site it contains an unbelievable amount of video database. Sometime rare content can be placed on different sites as well. Here the Search function comes into play where it will scan YouTube and other websites as well for all video content according to your necessity.
#4: More Battery Charge
In contrast to other streaming and audio video Apps, iTube app utilizes lesser amount of battery power which translates into longer play time for your music and videos. This can be seen from the Battery indicator on your Android device.
#5: Headphone incorporation
Many headphones come with some extra buttons which can help you adjust the volume or surf the playlist, these are very handy if you are busy doing some activity and can’t unlock your phone in the middle of it. Still, not all smart phones come with this functionality but the ones which do iTube app offers full utilization through its use where you can use your headphone buttons to control your music.
#6: Caching of Videos
Last but definitely not the least, iTube allows you to watch cached content which means once you stream your video from YouTube or whichever site you have searched for it gets stored on your mobile device and you can watch it anytime anywhere without having access to the internet.

Conclusion on iTube Free Download:

This is hands down the most exciting and highly in demand entertainment App out there. The most important feature of this App is undoubtedly the caching video feature. With the help of iTube App now you don’t have to log onto the internet again and again to watch your favourite YouTube videos, which sometimes gets difficult when internet access is not easy to get. Other Search Terms Included:
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Also getting new songs and videos in your playlist through iTunes or other onboard software can be quite a lengthy exercise but with iTube/Playtube it is very simple and manageable. There are many long term users of the Free iTube App can they have generally reported very positive results, the best way to find out will be to download it yourself.

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