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ES File Explorer apk download


ES FILE EXPLORER v4.0.4.1 for Android APK Download

ES File Explorer v4.0.4.1 Apk Having an Android OS for your device, you could have found the File Explorer as a very useful application for your computing needs. Your files are well-manage but with the launch of the ES File Explorer apk, what had been enjoying in the previous File Manager is even enhance and made powerfully.

Using the File Explorer application, the problem of managing the enormous number of files became less problematic as they can already be arranged in an orderly manner. You are allowed to view the files in any Android device, specifically in your phone. You can cut, copy, delete or rename any of the files in your various folders and you can create new files as well as new folders. These are only a few of the things you can do when you have a File Explorer installed in your phone or Android device. And if you want enhancement, the ES File Explorer is even a better app to use.

Basic Features ES File Explorer

What may come into your mind is the cost of the app. You do not have to worry as Google is very generous to people who use Android-operated devices. ES File Explorer, the full-feature resource manager, can be download and install free of cost. Millions of users are now enjoying this app; non-English speaking geeks enjoy the app. They only have to choose from the many different languages supported by ES File Explorer.

All the features in the previous File Manager are present in the EStrongs version. These remain as the basic features. To refresh, the file manager will enable you to manage your files in the same manner that you use your PC. So, you can cut, delete, copy, rename, move, share, search, send, hide or bookmark your files.

Other Features ES File Explorer

As an all-in-one app, more features aside from basic file management integrate.

• Application Management enables you to manage all the applications that had been download, installing or stored in your Android device. With this, you can uninstall and categorize a chosen app or even have your .apk files backed-up. APK images can be shown.

• It is equippe with Built-in File Viewers. This allows you to view images files, documents, music and all other kinds of files in your device. Opening a file, you can opt for the internal viewer or the external app. Although you may no longer need a third-party application, it still is compatible with other apps like Quick Office. It also supports Dropbox, Sugarsync, Amazon S3, Yandex, Google Drive and more.

• Another enhancement is the File Compression Support that will provide you with the option to compress or decompress ZIP and RAR files. You can make these files protected by passwords.

• The ES File Explorer derived power from its built-in text editor. Enabling the editing, And the root file system, this function will allow you to modify the configuration files of the operating system.

• Some users were discourage to make use of the built-in task killer because it slows down the system. Nevertheless, this enhancement is still integrating and the option is left to the user.

• You can make use of Bluetooth File Browser so that you can copy-paste files from one Bluetooth enabled to another Bluetooth ready device.

Sharing to Windows file – remote management of files

You may already amaze at the basic and enhanced features. To complete the features of the ES File Explorer, you should be familiar with its Remote File Management capability. This will enable you to manage files that are contain in other nearby devices and also files in the cloud storage. This app allows you to access your home PC if you have WiFi with SMB. Previously, the only way for you to share your files between the Android device and the Windows computer is through the use of USB cable. Today, the ES File Explorer is a wireless option that makes file sharing easier. The added LAN support in this app helps you share your files with the Windows PC over WiFi.
fb lite download

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite Download APK For Android

Welcome to the Facebook Lite Download App Homepage! Facebook has become such an integral part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have it. Think about it, what’s the first and last thing you do in the day with your Smartphone? You’re probably on Facebook, right? Chances are, you’re on Facebook for most of the day checking on updates, looking at pictures and websites other people have shared and basically having fun on this social media platform.
And we’ve got the app that’ll make that experience even better!

Download Facebook Lite for Android

Facebook Lite is a faster, easier way to check on your Facebook updates even if you have a slow or unreliable Internet connection! Now, there’s no more need to wait for your timeline to fully load! The Facebook lite free download was initially developed by Facebook developers to address the needs of their users in regions where Internet connectivity was an issue. This is simply a stripped-down version of the Facebook app without sacrificing any of its existing functionalities. It was meant initially to complement the existing Facebook app but the Facebook Lite seems to have taken on a life of its own. And millions all over the world are very happy that this product exists today!

How does the Facebook Lite app work?

  • The Facebook Lite application allows you to basically browse through your timeline. Pictures and other resource-heavy features on Facebook are present in low resolution so it doesn’t eat up the available bandwidth on your 2G connection. If something is of particular interest to you, all you simply have to do is click on it and it will load up with the full resolution it should be present in.
  • Links and other articles that people on Facebook share can also be opened using a different browser if you click on it. So, the only things that you really see on Facebook Lite are the things that really matter to you!

Fb lite Free APK download

Facebook Lite Free APK download is available on both Google’s Playstore and Apple’s iTunes and can use for all devices whether you’re using an Android or iOS powered platform!
For countries where the Facebook Lite app isn’t available, there is still a way to have it installed into your device. You simply have to download the Facebook Lite app and install it just as easily as the rest of the world!
So, thank you for visiting and download the Facebook Lite App today so you can enjoy Facebook more!

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whatsapp apk

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger Download APK For Android

WhatsApp app Download is an ad-free mobile messaging application, which allows users to exchange text and media messages using their Internet data plan or using Wi-Fi. SMS service is free for the users. WhatsApp avoids advertising, and hence users have better messaging experience. Smartphone users can download the software and enjoy a one-year trial option for free. After the trial period, there is a $0.99 subscription fee to use WhatsApp.

You can get WhatsApp downloaded free of cost from its website or from the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace. Follow the prompts given on the screen to make a WhatsApp account that will get linked to your phone number, allow WhatsApp to sync with the contacts in the phone to message to the people with simple steps and you are ready to use it.

WhatsApp download

WhatsApp Favorites

Once you enter into your account, you will be able to see the people in your contact list who already have WhatsApp account, on the “Favorites” option. This list will help you to know who has WhatsApp. If you find this list too cluttered or inconvenient to access the frequent contacts, you can edit the list.

If you want to clear the list, you can tap the “Delete All” option in the top left corner, start creating a new list or you can delete the individual names using the delete button present next to each name. You can easily manage the favourite list by using Whatsapp download free.

You will be able to see the contacts having Whatsapp and their statuses displayed below their name. Now You can change your status using the “status” option present in the bottom navigation bar. You can add new custom status by tapping the “+” sign on the top right corner. To edit the current status tap the button under the “your current status” option or from the default list.

Whatsapp APP APK Download

To invite friends to use the app, tap “contact” option in the centre of the navigation bar and tap on the name to view the details and to send SMS requesting them to download the app. In order to send messages to the friend, they should have the application installed in their Smartphone.

You can chat with your friends by tapping on the “chat” option in the navigation bar. Select the contact with whom you want to chat and the chat window will be open. You need to use the arrow icon if you are using iPhone and menu icon, if you are using blackberry or the paper clip icon if you are using Nokia, windows phone or android phone.

Whatsapp Download Free

You can send group messages with Whatsapp download free installed on your phone. You can use the “new group” button on the phone to send group messages. In the subject field create a name for the group and start adding the names of the people that should be included in the group.

To change any setting in the app, use the “settings” icon and select the setting you want to change. You can change your profile picture, font size, message timestamp settings, chat wallpaper, etc. using this.

Get the Whatsapp download free, and start enjoying the various features and convenience offered by this message application.

TubeMate App APK Download For Android iOS iPhone, PC, Windows

fake caller app for android

Fake Caller

Fake Caller App APK Download

Fake caller App apk download for android, The fakecallers is a new and amazing android application that is a very amazing app for fun. Now it has lots of futures for you can having fun with this amazing android app.

With The Fake Caller App, you Can make Calls with you mom, sister, big brother, as you like you can call each other,

Cyberflix APK Download

six points of tabligh

Six Points of Tabligh

Six Points of Tabligh in English PDF APK Download For Android

Six Points of Tabligh in English, Six Fundamentals of Tabligh, Six qualities of Tabligh this is the main six points of Tabligh that always use in Tabligh,

six points of Dawat of Tabligh is a very informative book for Muslims and Muslims use this book 3 times a day he learns to how we connect with Allah and be faithful.

we are making more books just like.

Fazail e Amaal in Pashto.

Fazail e Hajj Tabligh book

Tabligh Fazail e Sadaqat book

Fazail e namaz Tabligh book

The Fazail e Zikar Tabligh

Fazail e Ramzan Urdu Tabligh book

Jadoo Ki Haqeekat in Urdu

please stay with us and share these apps with your friends. thank you and jazzakAllah

Nomao Camera Body Scanner APK

Jadoo-Ki-Haqeeqat in urdu

Jadoo Ki Haqeekat in Urdu

Jadoo Ki Haqeekat in Urdu

Jadoo Ki Haqeekat in Urdu Jinno Our Shetano Ki Duniya Islamic Urdu Book PDF jadoo ki kitab in urdu jadoo seekho Jadu Ka ilaj in urdu pdf book.

jadu ki haqeeqat an amazin urdu islamic pdf book that increase your knowledge.

This is an amazing informative Urdu pdf book apk for


Xray App

fazail e sadqaat urdu

Fazail E Sadaqat Urdu

Fazail E Sadaqat Urdu PDF Book

Fazail E Sadaqat Urdu is dawat o tablig Islamic books pdf Islamic book

this is Islamic region book of dawat o tabligh book tablighi six points are included in this book very useful book for Muslim. this is amazing book for every tabligh followers and tablighi loves this book.

we are making more pdf books of tabligh and other books.

fazail e sadaqat in Urdu book pdf it is use for talighi works.

we are upload some more books of tabligh just like:

Fazal e sadaqat Urdu

fazail sadaqat Urdu

fazail sadqaat Urdu

Fazail E Amaal Urdu

Fazail E Haij Tabligh

Hayat ul Sahaba Tabligh Book

Hikayat Ul Sahaba Urdu PDF

Fazail E Ramzan Tabligh Book

Fazail E Zikar

Some more Urdu Islamic books are coming.

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Cartoon HD APK

cartoon hd

Cartoon HD

Cartoons HD APP Apk for Android Smartphones (How to Guide)

Cartoons HD APP Apk Download Cartoon HD APK For Android

Cartoon HD APK

Hello, everyone in this article I will show you how to download Cartoon HD app APK on Android phones. Cartoons HD apk has so much powerful app to play all the films and TV shows, cartoons and in a high-quality Result. in Cartoon HD, apk for iPad or iOS is easy for Watching. If you Have got a Laptop, Palmtop then you can get Every Cartoon HD apk for PC on Windows.

This app has too many features, in many features, one of them is you can manage the quality of the video Result and Sound as like your medium, high and low quality. The only application it can Behave all genres of films and cartoons, all episodes of shows Are in Cartoon HD APK. You can use this app Every time and whenever you Got free and enjoy with Relax Mood Then this Is great application For You with free of Charges.

Go to google

It is completely suitable for all systems like Android, iOS and also on Windows Laptop. If download Cartoon HD APK for Android, So There Were some inessential to fulfilled with the Android Smartphone. Those are, it needs the System to be at least 2.3. And it supports current operating systems like jelly-Bean KitKat, lollipop, etc. So, if you are sure about this App, then you can Download This Best App. And one more thing is your Internet connection. When you use this App, you Have to have a 3G or Smart network.  Cartoon HD Apk can be Download, but both Apk will have same Types Of Working. So, let’s find the best way to Download app Cartoon HD apk for Android.

Install the Cartoon HD APP:

So, Below I Will Give You Some Easy Step Then After You Can Download And Install CARTOON HD APK.

1. Startup your Android Smartphone and go to settings>>> then Press on security Button. Now scroll Down your Touch below, And then you Can view option To like enable unknown source, >> put the Checkmark on the right side.
2. This setting will allow Permission That you to install any apps from any Type Of unknown sources.
3. Now You Can Easily Download CARTOON HD APK On The Internet
4. Using Below link you Can Easily Download Cartoons HD apk For Android. Cartoon HD Apk Amazing Reviews 1. This Wonderful app can use to download Video files and also play offline videos.
2. You can Change Your high quality Or Low Quality of video
3. Daily updates of films And Cartoons
With super Features
4. They Will provide Fastest News And New Releasing Movies.

Cartoon HD APP APK Download For Android

cartoon hd app apk download


Cartoon HD is an application to watch films and kid’s shows Android, iOS and PC for free.

Today I will impart to you how to download and introduce this application on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It’s perfect with Android OS 2.3 form or above OS. You won’t discover this application on Google Play Store thus you have to download from outside sites. Uber box HD App is the best application to observe all the most recent motion pictures for nothing on your Android/iPhone gadgets.

About Cartoon HD | Cartoon HD APP Overview:

Cartoon HD has a smooth User Interface to watch motion pictures and TV appears with no unsettling influence. They refresh their database regularly with the goal that you can watch something new sometimes. Additionally, you can utilize the pursuit bar to locate your coveted program on this application.

As an Android cell phone client, you realize that there are two unique strategies to download an Android application. The main choice is to introduce by means of the Google Play Store and the second decision is outsider sites.

Shockingly, the primary choice won’t work since this application is not accessible on the Play Store. No compelling reason to stress as I will give Cartoon HP APK download interface beneath. You should read this post till the conclusion to download this application on your Android gadget.

How to Download Cartoon HD APK on Android?

At to start with, tap on the beneath connection to download Cartoon HD APK. It won’t pause for a moment as it’s just 3.3MB. You can download the Cartoon HD record from the beneath interface.

Did you complete the download? Before hopping to an established procedure, let me inform you concerning a couple of things, which you should know.

  1. Your Android OS must be higher than or identical to 2.3 forms.
  2. You must have an expedient (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) web association with a watch on this application.

How to Install Cartoon HD APK on Android?

Cartoon HD APK on Android

Good. Simply take after these straightforward strides to introduce Cartoon HD APK on Android with no bother. How about we start.

  1. Firstly, find the Cartoon HD APK document.
  2. Double-tap on the document to run this application on your gadget and sit tight for some time to complete the establishment.
  3. You won’t have the capacity to introduce this application yet in light of the fact that your vital settings.
  4. Just go to settings – > Security – > Unknown Sources and tap on to permit this
  5. That’s it! You can watch the most recent TV shows and motion pictures for nothing with no inconvenience from now.

Download and Install Cartoon HD On Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac:

You can utilize Cartoon HD application on Windows and Mac on the off chance that you need to watch on a greater screen. In any case, an Android emulator is important to download and introduce an Android application on the PC.

  • Go to and download and introduce this product on your framework.
  • Next, download APK record and share it on your machine.
  • Find the download record and right tap on it to open with Blue Stacks
  • Now, you can watch your most loved shows and motion pictures on a greater screen

How to Download and Install Cartoon HD for iPhone/iPad/iOS?

How to Download and Install Cartoon HD for iPhone

You can attempt Cartoon HD on your iOS gadget without jailbreaking. You heard it rectify. In any case, you can run this application on iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3, 8.1.3 and underneath.

  • Go to Settings > General > Date and Time
  • You need to change the date to utilize Cartoons HD on your Apple gadget. I recommend you to put Aug 1, 2014.
  • Launch your program and visit this connection. You will discover a “download” alternative there.
  • You can return to a unique date after establishment.
  • Don’t neglect to empower “Trust” alternative to permit this application.


I’m extremely happy to see that you made it till the end of Praise. cartoon HD is an astounding application to watch most recent TV shows and motion pictures in your extra time with no cost at all. You require a dynamic web association as it were. It’s a lifeline on the off chance that you can’t be around the TV dependably  Additionally, you can stream whenever and anyplace.

I trust that you thought that it was helpful. Fill me in as to whether you have any inquiry in regards to download and establishment of Cartoon HD application. I’ll attempt to explain your question instantly. Compassionately share this article with your companions via web-based networking media to help other individuals as well

Voot APK Download

Voot APK Download

Voot APK Download for Android iOS iPhone iPad Without Jailbreak

The Voot APK Download for Android iOS iPhone iPad Without Jailbreak Download Voot app for iOS 9+ latest version of Voot app for iOS(iPhone/iPad).Voot App Download iOS:  Voot App | Download and Watch Latest Movies & TV Shows For Free: We all have a busy life; stuck up in studies and then job and all. What gives us temporary respite from all this? Yeah, you are right!! The answer is ‘Entertainment’.

Keeping this thing in mind only Viacom 18 has come up with a new app called Voot which according to their claim is synonymous to three things which are Entertainment, Entertainment & Entertainment. The app is available on both iOS and Android Versions.

This guide will deal with download and installation of Voot App for iOS 9.2/9.1, iOS 9.3.3, 9.3.2, 9.3.1 or iOS 9.2.1 iOS 9.3/9.4 and iOS 10 on iPhone/iPad.

The app is similar to other video streaming apps like Netflix and Hotstar but with 17,000 hours of free entertainment and several other features, it becomes totally exclusive and different from currently running apps in the category.

Download Voot App APK for iOS (iPhone/iPad)|Latest Voot App on iOS

So read the guide further to get more information regarding Voot App. Download Voot app for iOS 10, iOS 9.4, 9.4.1, iOS 9.3.3, 9.3.2 or iOS 9.3.1/iOS 9.3, iOS 9.2.1/9.2, iOS 9.1/9 iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak.

From your favourite TV Shows to Blockbuster Movies to Cartoons for Kids, the Voot App has it all. Missed the episode of your favourite TV Show? Well! Now no need to worry! Voot is here. Watch all previous episodes on the Voot App.

Voot App

The app has been developed keeping in mind people of India so it has got a massive collection of TV Shows from all popular channels like Colours, MTV etc. Viacom 18 has included content from all the channels which comes under its franchisee. Android users get this one to install Voot on Android Mobiles/Tablets.

All blockbuster movies whether Hollywood or Bollywood is available to watch and download in Voot App. We can select from Genres like Action, Drama, Adventure, Romantic etc.

More useful Links:

Features of Voot App on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch|Voot for iOS

List of features of Voot App is endless so before going into download and installation of Voot App for iOS 10, iOS 9.3.3, 9.3.2, 9.3.1 or iOS 9.3,  9.2/9.1, iOS 9.2.1/9.4 on iPhone/ iPad following are the set of features that makes Voot App an awesome app to experience.

Voot APK Download

Features of Voot Apk Download for iOS latest Voot app:

  • Voot App has got a separate section dedicated exclusively to kids and it is not just limited to cartoon characters like Motu Patlu but also includes Chhota Bheem, Dora, Spongebob, Pokemon etc.
  • To restrict our children from watching what is suitable from them through the app it has incorporated a PIN Lock which parents can set up to block the unwanted content and away from children’s access.
  • The downloading facility is provided.
  • A new feature called Discover Cards maintains a list of videos for us who are immensely popular and watched by almost everybody.
  • S & S (Sharing and Shouts): It is first video app that has this feature, which allows you to send personalized shouts for the video that you watched and also to your friends to see. You can share the Voot content on the social network platforms.
  • Chromecast ability is supported to watch the content on a bigger screen of our television.
  • Voot will roll out original content too under the banner Voot Originals.

Following are the steps to download the latest version of Voot App for iOS 9.2/9.1, iOS 9.3/9.4 & iOS 10 for iPhone/iPad. Voot App Also Available for PC, Laptop. Get Voot for PC Windows 10/7/8.1/8/XP/Mac Laptop.

Steps to Install Voot for iOS | Latest Voot App on iPhone / iPad Without Jailbreak

Steps to install the Voot app for iOS and the latest voot app version:

  1. The app is available to download for free on the Apple App Store.
  2. So all we need to do is to go to the App Store and search for Voot.
  3. Thereafter selecting the app for downloading we will be required to enter our Apple ID.
  4. That’s it. It is done. Now just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of Voot.

Voot app foriOS iPhone iPad

Latest Voot for iOS 9+ iPhone/iPad, Download Latest Voot App

Still here? Thought you will be gone, downloading, installing and experiencing the high entertainment dose of Voot App. C’mon get up and get going folks. Get the Entertainment straight in your hands.


  • Latest Voot App Download
  • Voot App Download
  • Voot for iPhone/iPad
  • The Voot Download on iPod Touch/iPad/iOS
  • Voot App Movies/TV Episodes Download
  • New Voot App for iOS 9.1/9.2
  • Voot App for iOS 9.4/9.3 or iOS 10
  • Latest Voot App for iPhone/iPad
  • Voot App install on iOS
  • Voot for iOS 9.3.3, 9.3.2 or iOS 9.3.1/9.2.1
  • Working Voot App 2016/2017 version download.
mardana kamzori ka ilaj in urdu

Mardana Kamzori Ka ilaj

Mardana Kamzori Ka ilaj in Urdu

Mardana kamzori ka ilaj in urdu, mardana taqat barhana, mardana timing urdu tips. this is very useful book for every person that facing mardana kamzori problems and he will not come in his health so don’t worry now read this book and solved your mardana timing problems.

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Movie HD Apk 2019 Download Latest Version for Android

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5 time ki namaz ki pabandi our suba fajar ki namaz ko lazmi bana len, larkiyon ko our ghermehram ko dekhna band karden, apni nazro ki khas hifazat karen, jahan tak ho ghuna se bachen inshaAllah apki sub takleef dur hojayegi.